Alpha Events

25+ Alpha generating events

Over 25 key events with highly granular quantitative and qualitatve data points to build alpha generating alogorithemic models.

Earnings Factors

30+ Intelligent event factors

A unique enhancement to earnings calendar, providing better context to the quarterly earnings announcements..

Events Calendar

20+ Forward looking events

Over 20 forward looking calendar events to help build systematic models for alpha generation as well as risk management.

Over 1 Million Market Moving Events

EventVestor is the most comprehensive corporate events data platform with over 100 event types, providing you the most granular and structured market-moving signals.

Event-Driven Earnings Day Factors

Earnings Factors

Earnings Factors

EventVestor Earnings Factors is a unique and significant enhancement to earnings calendar, providing quantitative and qualitative context to the quarterly earnings announcements.

Leading Factors

Factors driven by the stock events between the previous earnings release and the upcoming earnings release. For example has the company appointed a New CEO change, announced M&A, approved spin-off, authorized stock split, changed guidance, added/removed from a major index, reported new 13D filings by activists, etc.

Earnings Day Factors

What additional new data will the company provide along with earnings? Is the company going to authorize dividend increase, share buybacks, provide guidance? Also is this the first earnings release for the company after IPO, spin-off, or transfer from OTC?

Forward Factors

Highlights the key forward looking events that are on deck post this earnings release. Factors include pending spin-off, stock split, index change, product launch, shareholder meeting, M&A, etc.

Forward Looking Events

Events Calendar

And we are

The Most Comprehensive Events Data Platform


The most comprehensive data

EventVestor is a leading cloud-based financial data and intelligence platform for investment professionals and investor relations. Over 2,000 organizations including corporations (issuers), stock exchanges, and institutional investors are benefiting from EventVestor event-driven analytics and proxy analytics.

EventVestor’s goal is to be the leader in providing event-driven insights to institutional investors, investors relations, and corporate governance professionals.

  • Develops and markets web-based, event-driven data services, analytics, and solutions for corporations, institutional investors, stock exchanges
  • Unique technology and process to convert unstructured data into highly structured data
  • Highly structured, granular event data has compelling value with both technical and fundamental investors as well as investor relations, corporate governance and other corporate executives
  • Brings context and clarity to market-moving events for investors and corporate executives
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EventVestor Data

Key Features of EventVestor Data:

EventVestor data management platform and analytical applications are designed to provide efficient data collection, sophisticated data analysis and flexible data provisioning. We have utilized over 20 years of our collective experience in designing and implementing data warehousing & business intelligence solutions, combined with sound investment analysis background, to create this unique platform. Metrics4 is empowered with the most comprehensive, structured, and live database of over 100 discrete types of key corporate events, covering over 4,000 US listed companies.

  • Over 4,000 U.S. listed companies, covering over 98% of the total market cap.
  • Over 100 different event types and signals.
  • Over 500 qualitative & quantitative attributes to screen and analyze Events linked to financial impact.
  • Over 2,000,000 events & filings and growing everyday to screen and analyze.
  • Nearly 10 years history.
  • Flexible Data Delivery: CSV and XML format via FTP and Web Service API
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